Introducing Opinion Mining

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Introducing Opinion Mining

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What is Opinion Mining?

Opinion Mining, or sentiment analysis, is a text analysis technique that uses natural language processing to automatically identify and extract opinions from within text.

HGEM's smartest feature yet uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to help you get inside your customers’ heads and find out what they like, dislike, and why.

The cutting-edge analytical tool in our Guest Experience Management platform - The Hub - is included for free with our Guest Feedback and Review Management modules.

What are the benefits?

1. Deeper connection with your customers

One of the top benefits of Opinion Mining is that it provides businesses with enhanced insight into customer behaviour.

You can understand how your guests feel at any moment and put the results into context – what made them excited, disappointed, or indifferent? Did you do something wrong? Or, even better, perhaps you've done a great job on a recent improvement to the business and people can’t get enough of it!

Word of mouth can spread like wildfire, and with the right tools, you can stay in the loop without having to go through each review or feedback one by one.

Once you've understood what is important to your customers, you can consider how to act upon the results.

2. Improved offering

By keeping an ear out for what people are saying about your menu and service, you can find out what makes them unhappy, and implement improvements that change this attitude.

Sentiment analysis is especially useful when you are launching a new menu and still don’t have enough feedback from your customers.

3. Brand image monitoring

A company’s online reputation is easily one of the most important assets in its success.

It's increasingly common for customers to research venues before choosing to visit them, and if what they find out is not convincing enough, they may skip to the next one in line. This knowledge can help you better position your brand in the marketplace, improve your image, and build a strong digital presence.

For example, if customers are focusing mainly on negative aspects after a visit, you can try to figure out why, and decide on how to best counteract this sentiment. Once you’ve implemented your strategy, you can check whether the mood with your customers has changed, and plan your next move accordingly. And if people are happy with your brand, you can investigate what it is that they love about you, emphasise it, and encourage positive word of mouth.

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HGEM's Opinion Mining features in a nutshell

  • Opinion Mining, powered by machine learning, analyses text from feedback and/or reviews; finds subjects, and opinions relating to those subjects, and determines whether they're positive, negative or neutral.
  • You can drill down into what matters most to your customers, what they think about particular subjects, and find all the individual comments from reviews and/or customer feedback relating to those opinions. You can also see how opinions change in time.
  • Identify trends and patterns with an easy-to-use visual representation of what customers are saying about your brand.
  • Monitor your reputation with a new metric - Net Sentiment Score. It works similarly to NPS (promoters - detractors), but where NPS is an indication of loyalty, NSS gives you insight into your brand's reputation.

Practical uses for Opinion Mining

Opinion Mining is particularly useful for monitoring impact when there's a change in the business.

  • Switched suppliers - is opinion changing on food?
  • Had a refurb? Track what customers are saying about the atmosphere.
  • New wine list - are customers responding to it positively?

Keep your finger on the pulse and track how the environment and market conditions are changing around you.

  • For example, what do people think of your pricing? See whether the cost-of-living crisis is affecting what customers view as affordable.
  • Are the discounts and promotions you're running having an effect on whether your brand is being perceived as good value?

Would you like to see a demo?

Opinion Mining is a powerful analytical tool that can help you understand your customers better.

We'd welcome the opportunity to discuss how our solutions could help you achieve your business goals. Please get in touch with our friendly team here to arrange a demo.

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