Our Veganuary dish recommendations


Our Veganuary dish recommendations

Image from Ella Ollsen

We’ve seen a huge shift in veganism over the last few years and operators are starting to find their feet with veganism with it being far more than a trend. 2019 felt like a pivotal year for change and experimentation across the hospitality industry - who would have thought that 2019 would see the rise of plant based menu items in fast food chains McDonalds, KFC and Burger King?

It’s January which means that more and more curious meat eaters and vegetarians will be taking part in Veganuary, set to encourage a permanent lifestyle change amongst consumers. 350,000 people are predicted to take part in the campaign this year - a significant increase in comparison for 2014 where only 3,300 took part. It is predicted that one in five Brits are now meat free!

We’ve asked the team for their favourite vegan recipes to get you inspired this January!

Gochujang Tofu with Shanghai Noodles

Spinach & Chickpea Curry

Butternut Squash Curry

3 bean chilli tray-bake

Vegan Aubergine Chilli

Notting Hill Patties

Jackfruit Wings

And if you’re local to Bath, HGEM’s Dan recommends the onion bhaji and falafel wrap from Chai Walla.

Finally, credit to Ella Ollsen for the lovely picture - check out her blog at https://www.freshnlean.com/recipes/

We hope we’ve encouraged you to take part in Veganuary! We think that veganism will continue to rise, and operators will continue to invent new dishes. We look forward to seeing what the restaurant industry brings in 2020 for vegans.

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