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Sporting events & concert venues

Events come in many shapes and sizes, with many variable factors that can influence guest experience. The difference between a good and a great event is often small but get it right and your event will be a success.

So how can we help?

  • Eliminate potential problems. Particularly important for large events, our mystery guests are your eyes and ears on the ground providing live feedback during your event. This means you can solve problems before they impact on guest experience during your event rather than waiting for an end of event review.

  • Improve sales. Our in-depth reports detailing feedback from mystery calls and showrounds will help ensure your team to capitalise on every sales opportunity.

  • Evolve and enhance future events. Using mystery guests we break down the guest experience into key stages and provide insight in to what you do well and what needs improving, helping you ensure the future success of your event.

  • Keep good team members. Large events usually require lots of temporary staff and so using mystery guest assessmentsto measure team performance at all guest touch points will not only help shape future training programmes but identify exceptional team members you will want to work with again.

  • Develop profitable partnerships. Using mystery visits to assess how well your external partners are embracing your defined standards, processes and behaviours, we'll ensure your brand is being representing in the correct way at all times or flag potential issues.

  • Track what is being said about you online. Our platform, ‘The Hub’ makes it easy for you to view and respond to results from several popular online review and booking sites, all in the same place. This will give you a comprehensive view of your reputation and the things that influence it.