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From budget to luxury, & pubs with rooms

Hotel experiences may last days and touch several departments, so there are many opportunities to create memorable experiences for guests.

Among leisure travellers, there is growing demand for ‘insta-worthy’ experiences and an increased appetite for a ‘what the locals do’ experience. This has seen smaller boutique hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and Airbnb become popular for guests who want a local culturally immersive experience. Business travellers have a different set of needs, often related to efficiency.

But all travellers will recognise and appreciate the right balance between technical innovations that enhance the experience and the quality of the personal service from the team.

So how can we help?

  • Ensure your guest experience is on brand. Unlike an external audit, our detailed mystery guest assessments are tailor-made to measure specific aspects of the guest experience that are important to your brand.

  • Monitor your reputation. Hotels thrive or die by their reputation on online review and booking sites. ‘The Hub’ makes it easy for you to monitor and respond to results from review sites, but also to influence those results through listening to guests and measuring the team's performance.

  • Develop guest loyalty. We'll help you continue the conversation after guests have left your hotel. A branded survey site that makes it easy for guests to engage and share valuable feedback about their experience will help to develop relationships and capture your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • Be a stand out venue. By conducting regular mystery guest assessments to measure how well your team are embracing defined standards, processes and behaviours, we'll provide you with the insights needed to ensure you deliver a memorable experience every time for every guest.

  • Encourage healthy competition. Our modern reporting platform enables managers and area mangers to view dashboards on their own performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and highlight how they compare to other hotels in the group.

  • Motivate and retain your team. Our employee surveys are designed to help you identify the things that are important to your team at each stage of their employment journey, keep them aligned with your values, and flag up any issues.