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Quick Service

Quick Service

Coffee shops, sandwich shops & fast food

Guests choosing a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) are wanting good food served quickly and efficiently. In an industry that is increasingly focused on nutrition, sustainability and clean foods the move from traditional fast food to healthier quick service food is unstoppable. Therefore, the success of the QSR depends on their ability to adapt to growing trends and offer a wider variety of great tasting healthier options, as well as controlling expenses and maintaining value for money.

So how can we help?

  • Recognise and motivate team excellence. By conducting regular mystery guest assessments to measure how well your team are embracing defined standards, processes and behaviours, we'll use the results to help you reward your teams and shape future training programmes.

  • Create loyal customers. We make it easy for your customers to engage and share feedback on their experience with a branded feedback survey. Show them you are listening by responding and improving their experience and you will develop brand loyalty.

  • Develop your Net Promoter Score (NPS). In the QSR market, the experience is short by definition and often spontaneous. The NPS is therefore a particularly useful measure, as it enables us to track through surveys how likely customers are to come back or to recommend you to others.

  • Encourage locations to compete. Our modern reporting platform enables your managers and area managers to view dashboards on their own performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and highlight how they compare to other locations in the group.

  • Influence your reputation. Our platform, ‘The Hub’ makes it easy for you to view and respond to results from several popular online review and booking sites, all in the same place. This will give you a comprehensive view of your reputation and the things that influence it.

  • Keep great team players. Our employee surveys are designed to help you understand the things that are important to your team at each stage of their employment journey, keep them aligned with your values, and flag up any issues.