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Popular Monthly Packages

Popular Monthly Packages

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A taste of what HGEM can offer, including social reviews and interactive reports

The Hub (RBTL Tech Product of the Year)

Modern platform for Guest Experience Managers with interactive reports and actionable insights

The GEMapp

Mobile application for managers to browse results while on the move

Social reviews

Ratings and comments from Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp and more

Booking reviews

Ratings and comments from OpenTable, Bookatable, Booking.com, Expedia, resdiary

Review response links

Link to social review site to post response (permission controlled)

Response statistics

Track your response rate and how quickly you're responding to reviews

Competitor reviews

Track the review statistics for local competitors to each of your locations

Website carousel

Embed a social ratings carousel on your website, which gets updated with new reviews, filtered to those you want to display

Interactive reports

Ability to select an indicator on one report and view the impact on other reports on the same page

Internal benchmarking

See how each location (or several) compares with others for lots of different measures

Action comments

Add action comments to surveys and visits in The Hub

Colour coded datasheets

Multiple datasheets to view data in tables, coloured red/amber/green according to score

CSV exports

Ability to export data to CSV files for further analysis

12 'Little GEM' e-learning modules

Modern e-learning, designed for managers to guide their teams in best practice

Knowledge Base

Guides and how-to information for Guest Experience Management

Account support

Responsive helpdesk for any queries


Listen to your guests' perceptions and raise brand awareness, as well as track social reviews

Everything in TASTE, plus:

Branded guest survey site

Highly branded website to engage your guests and invite feedback on their experience

Custom rating indicators

Change rating stars into any icon that fits with your brand

Capture photos

Your guests can upload photos of their experience or food

Multiple exit points

Some guests only have a little time; others have loads - multiple feedback levels allow exit at different points

Invite from wifi or bookings

Most wifi or booking providers can trigger post-experience survey invites and pre-populate things like location and date

At-table option

Ability to present the survey as a tablet app and automatically refresh after each guest

Positive feedback promotion

Links to review platforms that only appear when we know the guest is happy

Score-based email alerts

Email containing feedback details, triggered when specified ratings are given

Guest journey gap analysis

Ability to compare one location or area with others across the guest journey

Net promoter analysis

Charts showing NPS scores cut in various ways, including by location, day and day part

Guest database exports

Export emails, ratings and comments to your CRM (for guests who have consented)

Prize draw admin

We can randomly select winners on your behalf

Named support manager

A named point of contact to help you manage survey content and insights


Look at standards and behaviours through the eyes of a mystery guest, as well as track social reviews

Everything in TASTE, plus:

Brand standard tracking

Monitor the standards, processes, behaviours and sales opportunities that are important to your brand and which you could not ask in a survey

Regular visit assessments

Objective visit report, completed by a mystery guest, with a bespoke questionnaire to measure your team performance

Delivery assessments

An alternative to onsite assessments - measure how you and your delivery partner perform on food deliveries

Extensive detail

All our reports come with considerable detail as standard, giving you rich material on which to evaluate and improve performance

Report formatting options

PDF visit reports can include lots of different options, including programme branding, pass/fail indicators, recent history, focus questions, question categories, etc

Photo evidence

View photographic evidence of the mystery guest's experience

Full mystery guest management

Extensive quality control at each stage, including recruitment, briefing, report validation, and performance management

Training content alignment

We'll help you design a questionnaire and report format that complements the way you train your teams

Named support manager

A named point of contact to help you manage questionnaires, visit schedules and reporting

(Excludes reimbursement of visit expenses)


Let us help you translate insights from multiple sources into strategic action

Everything in TASTE, LISTEN and LOOK, plus:

Single score barometer

Chart combining results from multiple sources of feedback (reviews, surveys and assessments)

Client Success Management

A named point of contact to engage with you at a strategic level to help manage the guest experience

Quarterly continuous improvement reviews

Either online or at your office (subject to location)

Annual presentation to managers

Either online or at your choice of location (subject to volume)

Insight Manager support

Personalised help for you to get the most out of your data

(Excludes reimbursement of visit expenses)

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