2014: A Record-Breaking Year For UK Tourism


2014: A Record-Breaking Year For UK Tourism

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2014 was a record-breaking year for UK tourism, according to the 'International Passenger Survey' released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) last week. The number of inbound visits reached its highest level to date, rising 6% year-on-year to 34.8 million. Together, visitors spent £21.7 billion in the UK, which itself is a new record and a 3% increase on 2013.

Inbound visits from North America, the UK's most valuable market, rose by 4% to 3.7 million last year. National tourism agency VisitBritain is currently running its 'Countryside is GREAT' initiative in the US to encourage visitors to travel to locations outside of major cities, such as London. The campaign aims to boost tourism in more rural areas, while analysts predict further growth for the market as a whole going forward, owing to the strengthening of the pound.

EU visits to the UK rose by 7% last year, beating the previous 2007 record by over one million visits. Holiday visits were up 8% last year, surpassing 2013's figures by over one million and 2010's figures by more than two million. Business visits also grew by 5% to 8.4 million.

Helen Grant, Minister for Tourism, said she is "delighted that tourists from overseas are coming to our country in record numbers, spending more and enjoying the very best of Britain." She went on to say that she will "continue to work hard with the sector to encourage tourists to visit all parts of the country to further boost local growth and jobs."

These results are extremely encouraging for anyone with a hospitality business which caters for tourists, and will no doubt leave you with a positive outlook for the upcoming year. Here's to a busy and prosperous 2015!

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