Ops teams

Ops teams

Improve performance & standards

Maintaining high standards, ensuring team behaviours match brand expectations, and delivering consistency across the estate are paramount for ops teams. Our solutions give ops teams incredibly detailed insight into site performance across the estate, the ability to identify problem areas, to benchmark internally and against competitors, and much more.


  • Be aware of what’s happening in venues at site level and brand level
  • Get a snapshot of experiential Key Performance Indicators, such as NPS, review ratings, scores from guest feedback and assessments
  • Guide strategic decision-making through data-led insights
  • Measure change of performance in time to evaluate the success of implemented changes
  • Ensure standards and performance related KPI’s are met within your area
  • Get a detailed overview of performance across each service area (e.g. food / service speed / upselling)
  • Identify areas of improvement to boost performance scores
  • Engage and motivate managers through leaderboards and benchmarking
  • Analyse competitor activity to strengthen your venues’ position against the competition
  • Understand exactly what is going well and what isn’t
  • Use extensive filters and segmentation to drill down to minute details (e.g. analyse service speed on Sunday evenings, or food quality on a Saturday afternoon)
  • Reward and recognise best performing team members

Good to know

  • Not enough visibility into sites’ performance
  • Poor standards or no consistent way of measuring them
  • Service standards are undefined / unclear
  • Bad reviews and poor review scores
  • Lack of consistency across sites
  • Limited understanding on whether staff are doing what they should be doing
  • Low morale / unmotivated staff
  • Allergy enquiry processes not followed
  • Low visibility or bad reviews for delivery orders
  • Lack of visibility into competitor performance
  • Inconsistent feedback about the menu
  • Limited understanding of what the best and worst dishes are
  • Staff aren’t upselling
  • Mystery Guest Audits
  • Feedback
  • Reviews
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