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Mystery Audits

Monitor & optimise operations
  • Brand standards
  • Team behaviours
  • Training effectiveness
  • Upselling performance
  • Be confident in the knowledge that brand expectations are met by employees
  • Protect brand image by ensuring consistency across sites
  • Improve operations
Audit areas
  • Eat-in & takeaway
  • Deliveries & online orders
  • Accommodation & leisure
  • Calls & showrounds
*Price excludes reimbursements
From £35 per audit*

Feedback Sites

Track and manage sentiment
  • Feedback & ratings from custom questionnaires
  • Perceptions & opinions
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Improve engagement with surveys that look & feel like an extension of your brand
  • Pre-empt negative reviews on social media
  • Turn passive guests to promoters through case management
  • Enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through CRM integration
Types of feedback
  • Guest feedback
  • Employee feedback
From £30/month per venue

Review Management

Improve responsiveness and ratings
  • Data from all popular review sites, including Tripadvisor, Google & Facebook
  • Speed & rate of response
  • Site-level competitor ratings
  • Manage reviews across booking platforms, review sites & social media in the same place
  • Respond within the platform, improve ratings & responsiveness
  • Benchmark internally & externally
  • Option to embed best reviews onto your website
From £25/month per venue

Product Ratings

Empower food development teams
  • Customer sentiment towards satisfaction & value for money
  • Kitchen consistency
  • Product KPIs, such as portion size, presentation, taste & temperature
  • Find out what guests love & identify issues quickly
  • Optimise dish quality, plating or pricing based on feedback
  • Ensure consistency across all sites
  • Extract useful comments for each dish or product
From £20/month per venue

Examples of the services we offer:

Insight Lab

In-house consultancy service
What you can get
  • On-demand, deep dive into your data to answer strategic questions
  • Creation of custom templates for regular delivered reports
  • Collation of data, graphics & comments into custom performance reports
Questions we can help answer
  • What are the key drivers of NPS to my business?
  • Where are my opportunities for improvement?
  • What do customers think of our menu?
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Event Support

Live event monitoring
  • Standards & processes at each customer touchpoint
  • Perceptions & opinions from guests
  • Reputation based on online ratings & reviews
  • Monitor event performance in real-time
  • Fix issues as they arise
  • Improve every day on multi-day events
  • Use data to enhance operations year-on-year
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Bespoke Projects

One size doesn’t fit all
We pride ourselves on being flexible, able to come up with creative solutions and services that are uncommon, or may not even exist yet
Project examples
  • Using mystery guests for a research project
  • Designing a complaint management process
  • Face-to-face guest interviews
  • Contributing to operations team training
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