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The Hub

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Guest Experience Management platform

Awarded Tech Product of the Year at Restaurant Bar and Tech Live, The Hub is a Guest Experience Management (GEM) platform designed to help busy managers benchmark their performance against a wide range of guest experience measures in order to easily identify actions to drive sales.

Features include


No need to log in to lots of separate systems – all the data you need to manage the experience of your guests can be brought into one platform. A ‘barometer’ will show you a combined score from all sources.


The Hub is fully optimised for mobile devices, so you can get insights on the go.


One of the best ways to motivate performance is to see how you’re doing compared to others. So most of our charts will show how selected locations are performing compared to their area, type or company. There are also league tables that you can use to see where a given location ranks for different measures.


Dozens of score tables, colour-coded to draw your eye to the areas in most need of attention.


Simply gathering insights won't deliver success - we've made it easy to act on them too. See all the incoming audit reports, feedback, and reviews in an inbox view; respond to feedback within the platform; set and assign tasks and raise queries about outstanding items. You can also add comments to visits and surveys.


Our dashboards are user friendly, interactive and filterable - so you can quickly identify patterns in your data and take positive actions to improve your business.


We’re continually adding new reports and improving existing ones so that you can get better use out of your own time. But sometimes you’ll want to extract the data to do something else with it. So we’ve made this easy with colour-coded datasheets that can be extracted into CSV files.

These free features come as standard with the Hub:

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