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We teamed up with award-winning e-learning developers Learning Pool to create 12 modules based on the key elements of the GEM Wheel. Each is designed for use by managers to help guide their teams towards getting better mystery guest scores and building sales as a result.

The Guest Experience Management wheel

I want every guest to feel that we will look after them well as a result of the welcome they received I want every guest to feel we were both friendly and attentive to their needs, rather than just following a process I want every guest to feel that our conversations were engaging and relevant, rather than robotic I want our team to work together so efficiently in pursuit of every guest’s needs that the service appears effortless I don’t want any guest to feel they were either rushed or left waiting at any stage of the experience I want every guest to feel that paying the bill was easy and efficient, and that we would be pleased to see them again I want every dish delivered to guests to match the agreed specification for quality, temperature and presentation I want guests to feel our team are both keen and able to advise on the contents of the menu and of specific dishes I want every guest to willingly spend more, and to feel that their experience was enhanced as a result I don’t want any guest to notice lack of cleanliness or tidiness at any point in their experience I want potential guests to be encouraged to visit us as a result of either kerb appeal, promotions or brand digital presence I want to give every guest positive ‘social currency’ during their experience that they will recommend us when talking to friends Your brand promise sits at the heart of the guest experience, influencing each segment

Each course takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and could work well in team meeting sessions where several team members could discuss what the subject matter means to them. The modules are interactive, with an overview video and situational questions to test and reinforce knowledge.

Hover over or tap each segment to see a typical training aspiration for that part of the guest experience. Then adapt it to fit with your brand promise.

The 12 courses


Your people are the ambassadors for your brand. Find ways to get guests talking about your service. Courses include:

  • Making Every Guest Feel Welcome
  • Delivering a Friendly and Personalised Guest Experience
  • Building Relationships Through Conversation


A good experience should feel effortless and well-timed to the guest, yet efficient and profitable for your business. Courses include:

  • Delivering Effortless Service
  • Getting the Timings Right
  • Efficient Payment and Friendly Goodbyes


The product, usually food, is the most tangible part of the experience. It’s a great opportunity for engagement, but also for selling more – the key is how you do it. Courses include:

  • Ensuring Excellent Quality Products
  • Showing Passion for What We Offer
  • Happier Guests Spend More


Guests will form an impression of you before they even arrive and they will leave with an overall perception that, positive or negative, will get shared. Courses include:

  • Pride in Our Appearance
  • Getting Guests Through the Door
  • Encouraging Recommendations

The Hub

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