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At HGEM, we recognise that every business is unique, and the more we can understand about your culture, the better we can reflect that in the design of your GEM programme. We see it as a partnership, with your success the end goal.

I want every guest to feel that we will look after them well as a result of the welcome they received I want every guest to feel we were both friendly and attentive to their needs, rather than just following a process I want every guest to feel that our conversations were engaging and relevant, rather than robotic I want our team to work together so efficiently in pursuit of every guest’s needs that the service appears effortless I don’t want any guest to feel they were either rushed or left waiting at any stage of the experience I want every guest to feel that paying the bill was easy and efficient, and that we would be pleased to see them again I want every dish delivered to guests to match the agreed specification for quality, temperature and presentation I want guests to feel our team are both keen and able to advise on the contents of the menu and of specific dishes I want every guest to willingly spend more, and to feel that their experience was enhanced as a result I don’t want any guest to notice lack of cleanliness or tidiness at any point in their experience I want potential guests to be encouraged to visit us as a result of either kerb appeal, promotions or brand digital presence I want to give every guest positive ‘social currency’ during their experience that they will recommend us when talking to friends Your brand promise sits at the heart of the guest experience, influencing each segment

A good place to start is with your brand promise. This should define your intended guests experience. We’ll help you break it down into the key elements of the guest experience, as shown in the framework on the left.

Hover over or tap each segment to see a typical aspiration for that part of the guest experience.

These components help us to devise the most effective ways to measure operational performance for standards, behaviours and processes.

We can also help managers to guide teams in best practice using our suite of Little GEM e-learning modules.

Monitoring operational delivery is only one source of intelligence, and it should be viewed in a wider context.

These surveys are the best way to measure your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and see how likely your guests are to recommend you. See how your online reputation is performing among the best, by monitoring various sources, from popular review sites to table booking platforms. Identify any weak spots in terms of team motivation, eliminate them and retain team members while ensuring they perform a great job These assessments are designed to support the team to consistently deliver operational standards in line with the brand promise. The real beauty of working with HGEM is that you can pull all of this intelligence together into one reporting platform, The Hub, and work with us to help you nurture a culture of continuous improvement.

If you are consistently delivering your brand promise (and if it’s what guests want, which of course may not always be the case), then you should see this reflected in the perceptions and opinions of your guests, which we measure through guest feedback surveys and online reviews. Combine with employee surveys and you can measure how your team performance impact on guest experience. All this can be tracked in our award-winning Hub.

Finally, it's not just about the data - it's about results. Our experienced team are behind you all the way, with advice, guidance and support.

It's likely to be your Account Manager that will know you best, as they will encourage you to participate in regular reviews to explore opportunities for continuous improvement. But they can also get specialist support from our Insight Manager, Client Success Manager and Business Intelligence team, all as part of your subscription. Work with us and become the hero in your business.

We are also very friendly with several other businesses that you may be thinking of working with. So if you want to encourage guests to provide feedback, make your CRM more intelligent, feed results into a daily checklist, or populate a BI system, we have partners who can help.

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