Insight teams

Insight teams

Data that drives decision-making

For insight teams, it’s all about the volume and quality of data, both equally important to help guide board-level strategic decision-making to implement positive change within the business. Insight people aim to understand the drivers to KPI’s (such as NPS or CSAT) and want to gather evidence-based data on what the business can do to influence these KPI’s.

The Hub platform

It’s crucial for Insight teams that the platforms they use are flexible and highly integratable, so that data could be processed in a meaningful way for reliable patterns and trends to emerge.

Our Hub platform offers all the aforementioned features and tools you need in order to improve your business, and our in-house insight function is designed to provide additional support in calculating complex correlations and formulas.



  • Multiple sources of rich data, including from mystery guest audits, feedback from customers and online reviews from across a dozen different platforms
  • Gather evidence on areas for improvement for boards
  • Identify key drivers for success to focus your efforts on improving things that make the biggest difference
  • Analyse menu insights across KPIs such as overall satisfaction, value for money, portion size, presentation, etc.
  • Provide evidence to streamline menu development and trialling, compare suppliers, and identify dishes that help or hurt your brand
  • Dig deeper with sentiment analysis, opinion mining and categorisation, to reveal hidden patterns and identify emerging trends
  • Integrate with data sources across EPOS, CRM, sales and labour, and numerous other tech-partners
  • Low feedback volume
  • Data available currently isn’t granular enough to find meaningful insights
  • Difficulty in finding / quantifying the evidence needed to back up hypotheses
  • Current platform is inflexible and creates a lot of manual work, or lacks required integrations
  • No opportunity to mould and influence the development of the current platform
  • Guest Feedback
  • Product Ratings
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