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The Hub

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Guest Experience Management platform

Awarded Tech Product of the Year at Restaurant Bar and Tech Live, The Hub is a Guest Experience Management (GEM) platform designed to help operations teams, marketers and insight managers to benchmark performance against a wide range of experiential measures. The Hub is a powerful tool that helps operators to easily identify actions that improve the business and ultimately drive sales.

The Hub in a nutshell

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How it works

All in one place

No need to log in to lots of separate systems – everything you need to view, analyse and manage the experience of your guests is in one award-winning, mobile-optimised platform. All new reviews, feedback or mystery guest audits, land in an inbox view and can be analysed in dashboards and reports. A ‘barometer’ will show you a combined score from all sources to assess your brand's overall performance.

All in one place

Respond directly to customers

In The Hub, you can respond directly to both guest feedback and reviews, which can help solidify your company's online reputation and boost customer engagement. Speed things up with our customisable templated responses to reviews.

Respond directly to customers

Analyse your data

Visualise data with interactive dashboards, graphs and heatmaps to easily identify areas of opportunity and things you're already excelling at. You can cut, segment, filter and export your data almost any way you want with our intuitive, yet sophisticated platform.

Analyse your data

Manage tasks

We’ve made it easy to create and assign actions, so that you can do more than just view results. Actions have a type, status, owner, priority, deadline and comments, and come with a wide range of filters. With The Hub you can keep track of progress and push tasks over the line.

Manage tasks

Features include


See all your incoming data from multiple sources (audits/feedback/reviews). Create, assign and manage internal actions and respond directly to your customers in one place.


Utilise the power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get insight into what customers are saying from unstructured data from text-based sources. Drill down into specific subjects (e.g. food or atmosphere) and see how opinions change over time.


Our dashboards are user-friendly, with various interactive features to help users to quickly identify patterns and create positive actions to improve your business.


Get scheduled reports sent straight to your email address, to give you a high-level overview of your sites' performance at the click of a button. You can also extract data from any dashboard, chart, table or heatmap from The Hub and export it to a CSV or PDF file.


The Hub navigation is broadly grouped according to organisational function, with pages designed for operations, marketing, HR teams, and data analysts.


We are competitive animals - 82% of managers we surveyed said that they use some form of ranking or comparison in The Hub to motivate their teams. Most charts show how selected locations are performing compared to their area, type or brand. There are also league tables to see where a given location ranks for different measures.


If you want to find the answer to almost any question, chances are you’ll find it quickly in our comprehensive heat maps. There are hundreds of ways to cut the data by dimensions such as time or location. Results are colour-coded to draw your eye to the areas in most need of attention.


There is a wide range of filtering options available in The Hub. Location filters reflect your organisational hierarchy. Date filters include your own accounting periods. Other popular filters can segment data based on visit type, questions and score.


The Hub has embedded Microsoft Power BI - one of the top business intelligence and data analytics platforms in the world. Our platform is highly interactive and is constantly evolving to bring even more value to you and your teams by delivering insights that help drive positive change.

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