Product Ratings

Product Ratings

Streamline your menu or product development

Your menu is what drives guest recommendations

Guests are up to 50% more likely to recommend you to friends if they have eaten certain dishes. By knowing how each dish is performing, you can promote those at the top of the league table and make changes to those at the bottom. Granular KPI reporting on each dish will reveal the cause of any weaknesses, from presentation and portion size, to value for money.

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    "HGEM’s Product Ratings module is instrumental to our menu process. It provides us with an important steer in menu development, innovation and training, and is vital to understanding the successes of our menu launches. The data we receive is invaluable to our operations!"

    Helene Robinson | Senior Insight Analyst Read Our Wagamama Case Study

Features include


Find out what your guests think about their food by integrating your menu with an HGEM guest feedback site. Guests can rate one or more dishes or products, depending on your preference. Capture up to 6 different ratings on each dish, along with verbatim comments.


As an alternative (or in addition to) including your menu in a feedback site, you can have dish or product audits performed by our mystery guests. Whilst feedback on your menu allows you to measure subjective opinions, dish audits help to ensure kitchens are serving each dish to the required specification.


The most popular dish performance indicators to measure with a feedback site are 'overall satisfaction' and 'value for money'. But you could also track results on portion size, presentation, taste and temperature.


There are many ways to segment data in The Hub, our Guest Experience Management platform. For example, you could display dishes in league tables either by a certain Key Performance Indicator, or by kitchen. You can also analyse correlation between Net Promoter Score for the whole experience, and the dish that was ordered. To investigate any issues, you can examine the comments for a particular dish. And for the data analysts among you, all dish data can be easily extracted or integrated with other systems.


We can integrate your feedback site with certain POS systems to look up the transaction for details of what the guest ordered. The guest can then choose what they wish to leave feedback about. Ask us about your POS system and we’ll let you know the current status.


Where POS integration is not possible, we can import your menus. Each dish can be categorised, so you can easily distinguish mains from desserts, for example. It’s easy for guests to find what they ordered through the use of predictive text. If you have dish photos then search can be more visual, with predictive text being used to filter to an image grid.


Surveys can be configured to display as an app on a tablet and to automatically refresh after each feedback. At-table feedback can give an opportunity to meaningfully engage with the guest – a good example is when they have chosen a trial dish.


You could invite your guests to provide photos via the feedback site, if they have them. For audits, we can ask each mystery guest to include a photo of their food.

Achieve operational Excellence

Elevate your guest experience management with Product Ratings

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