3 top tips to ensure all staff appear passionate


3 top tips to ensure all staff appear passionate

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Whether your business is a restaurant, hotel or bar, a passionate team is essential for an excellent guest experience. If your employees don't demonstrate passion about the products or service they are offering, how can you expect your guests to fully invest? However, sometimes demonstrating passion is easier said than done. Here are a few tops tips to ensure your members of staff are all on the same page:

1. Communicate with confidence

The key to conveying passion to guests lies in communication. Talking to guests with confidence and enthusiasm about what you have to offer will help them buy into the experience – enthusiasm is infectious. Bear in mind that guests trust you to guide them through their experience, to take control and provide the information and incentive they might need to make the right choice or try something new.

2. Offer personal recommendations

Ensure your team are consistently trained so that they can talk with passion about the food and drink you offer. Guests are keen to hear personal recommendations, delivered with information about the product, so whether it's describing an excellent wine to accompany a main meal or a cocktail, based on ingredients they like, arm your team with the details they need.

3. Take your team behind-the-scenes

Encourage and make time for your team to talk to each other and develop an understanding of what goes on in different areas of the business. For example, get your front-of-house staff in the kitchen so the chefs can talk them through menu options, the preparation process and produce involved. Or offer them a cocktail-making class behind the bar. If your business is a hotel, be sure that they have visited each room so they have an understanding of the special features on offer and can offer the right room or upgrade at the right time. This will develop their knowledge and boost their confidence when talking about the products with guests.

Memorable guest experiences are often down to staff that are passionate and offer a personal touch. With the right training, you can ensure your team offer this, time and again.

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