A look back at 2017


A look back at 2017

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As we approach 2018, it’s time to reflect on everything we’ve learnt in 2017 - it has been a great year for us.


When it comes to welcoming well, our data showed that hotels score better than casual dining venues. We revealed our top tips after 83% of guests said that a great welcome was important to their overall experience, with personalisation setting venues apart from the competition.


Over 1100 guests shared their thoughts on team behaviours, with 77% wanting more sincere check backs. We explored the things guests would like operators to improve, as well as the where they’re getting it right.


Building relationships with guests is key to a great guest experience but how much conversation is too much? Adjusting the level of conversation by reading each guest as an individual will always bode well rather than using a one-size-fits all approach.


To ensure the guest experience runs smoothly, daily team briefings should be prioritised to motivate team members and to alert them of any news or issues they may encounter that day. Additionally, setting goals and encouraging feedback creates a positive environment, which guests will pick up on.


Timing is everything - no matter how tasty your food or how friendly your staff, the guest experience can be significantly affected if the pace of service is not adjusted to their needs. Among the guests affected most are families, who require a flexible and reactive approach from team members.


A surprising number of guests 49%, revealed to us that their entire experience can turn from positive to negative after receiving a poor payment process. HGEM’s Business Development Manager, Matthew Smith shared his insight on rectifying this and ending on a high. Additionally, we explored to tip or not to tip – something guests can feel unsure of.


Since happier guests spend more, we explored ways team members can upsell without being pushy. In addition, we looked at hotel tech, a trend that looks to increase into the future, with guests expecting a faster check in and a greater variety of ordering options.


63% of guests judge a restaurant before visiting, and prior knowledge of menu options is a must for guests when deciding where to dine. We highlighted the importance of a venue’s online presence as well as arming guests with plenty of information on your offering.


Quality is not enough on its own - providing consistent quality is essential for the guest experience. Guests become loyal only when they are assured they will receive the same level of quality with no nasty surprises when they next visit .


64% of guests told us that the most important aspect when creating a first impression is the appearance of a venue from the doorway. We highlighted the benefit of stepping into a guests’ shoes with our top tips for keeping up appearances.


66% of guests look at a venue’s social media page before visiting, making social media an essential platform to boost a business. We discussed our top tips for making the most of promotional tools within hospitality.


We know that guests often only want to share a particularly positive or negative experience. It is key for venues to make those average visits excellent ones. We revealed our top tips for encouraging recommendations.

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