All I want for Christmas is an experience


All I want for Christmas is an experience

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Good food, a comfortable bed and friendly customer service – a few years ago your establishment might have got an outstanding review for providing such things. But these things are no longer considered a luxury, these things are now standard - in guests’ eyes, these things are simply what they are paying for. For outstanding, you now need to go above and beyond, with guests - particularly millennials - in search of an experience that will create memories.

So what better time of year to push the boat out, than Christmas? Guests choosing to break tradition and book a hotel stay have given up the comfort of their home and cosy nights with their family, so you’ve got a lot to live up to.

Promise less and provide more - surprises make guests feel like they’ve received an experience of higher value than what they paid for. By giving guests a personalised stocking in their room, comping the breakfasts at the end of their stay or a free massage could be their favourite gift this Christmas.

Just because guests are away from home doesn’t mean they don’t want home comforts. Treating guests like family during their stay makes Christmas feel more relaxed, which is how it should be for both guests and staff. Offer coffee and mince pie mornings around the fire where guests can get to know each other over the festive period. Little touches like this go further than the standard dinner and dance offering that guests are already paying for.

Another way to make the most of the busiest time of is to jump on other people’s events. You could offer vouchers for entry to the local winter wonderland or theatre tickets to a pantomime. In return, collaborate with events and offer discounts at your hotel for ticket holders - everyone’s a winner.

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