(Almost) 5 Good Things About the Autumn Statement


(Almost) 5 Good Things About the Autumn Statement

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There are lots of mutterings regarding yesterday's Autumn Statement - what it means for businesses, what it means for motorists, what it means for individuals...

The Hospitality Industry has largely given it a luke-warm reception. We're a positive bunch here at HospitalityGEM, so here are 5 reasons to be cautiously optimistic:

1. The lack of movement on fuel duty will have positive knock on effects for many businesses

2. SMEs will benefit from a decrease in corporation tax

3. As the Publican Morning Advertiser points out, thousands of pubs will benefit additionally from the extension of the small business rate relief holiday. See here.

4. From next April the average consumer is likely to be better off, without having to budget for the previously planned rise in fuel duty, and benefiting from an increased tax threshold - so they may well be tempted by that cheese board or an extra glass of wine

5. We're still trying to find number 5...we'll get back to you

There's evidently still a long way to go though and the hospitality industry will be hoping for bigger and better changes in March.

For more information check out this article from Big Hospitality.

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