Are you asking guests to share too much data?


Are you asking guests to share too much data?

Are you asking guests to share too much data?

Operators are requesting data from their guests more than ever, but how much is too much? We ask our panel of guests about what they expect in our latest survey.

88% of guests are happy to share their name and email address with operators, fairly standard data. Only 10% are happy to share their social media handle and 12% their address, both feeling rather unnecessary.

Other than providing details for making a booking, 75% of guests will only provide extra information such as date of birth and gender etc on the basis that they will receive an incentive. When we asked guests what incentives they expect, discount off food was most popular for 87% however 65% would be satisfied with a free drink. Guests provide their date of birth on the assumption they will receive a birthday gift - 31% expect at least 50% off their food bill and 14% expect to have more than this such as a free meal.

Only 12% of guests would be willing to provide data in exchange for a free kid’s meal so if you’re not wanting to give away free food, a great option for operators is entry into a prize draw – 36% of guests said that this was an attractive incentive.

When it comes to providing data, catching guests at a good time is key. We found that guests do not want to be asked for their email address when they’ve just arrived at your venue or during their meal when they’re trying to relax. We did find however that 36% would be happy to provide this right at the end of their experience, on paying the bill, or when they get home. The most desirable option for 53% would be during booking process.

In terms of how guests would like to provide this data, the majority (76%) would like to do so via their own device rather than a system owned by operators such as a paper feedback from or i-pad. Although an i-pad does work well if catching guests at bill time when asking them to comment on their experience.

Much data, particularly email addresses are collated for newsletter distribution lists as a way for operators to share their promotions however getting the balance right between sharing and spamming is key. Half of guests (51%) would only like you to get in touch annually, on their birthday or anniversary. 35% would be happy with a monthly email but 13% don’t want you to contact them at all.

Data can also be used to personalise and enhance your guest experience. For example, 59% would like you to keep their specific dietary requirements on record as to make each visit smoother. 44% would like you to note their seating preference and 30% their preferred drink choice.

So, if used in the right way, with both the guest and operator in mind, data can be a great source of insight for operators and have a positive impact on your guest experience.

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