Autumn wine experiences


Autumn wine experiences


The hospitality industry is ever changing with the demand for unique experiences on the rise. From dinner in the sky to underwater accommodation, operators are no longer thinking outside the box, they are ditching it altogether. The industry is working hard to make their offering even more exciting and appealing, ultimately, to improve their guest experience.

So, it isn’t a surprise that the wine industry is seizing the opportunity to make more of their vineyards, rather than simply being a facility to produce fantastic wine. An increasing trend this Autumn are wine experiences.

Much like farms and camp sites capitalising by introducing glamping experiences and events, vineyards around the world are maximising opportunities to offer a variety of experiences in their vineyards. This is a stroke of genius as in Europe alone, food and wine tourism are the main motive for 600,000 trips annually!

You don’t even need to be an enthusiast of wine to enjoy the experiences. With idyllic scenery and tasty food, paired with exquisite wine and luxurious accommodation, it’s understandable that these experiences are increasing in popularity.

With quirky options such as vineyard yoga and hot air balloon rides, to more traditional options such as beautiful wine spas, cooking holidays, walking tours and festivals, coupled with accommodation in a picturesque setting, there are many reasons to enjoy such beautiful places.

This movement is due to businesses acknowledging that the wine industry has changed. Once perceived as a ‘snobby’ industry that catered to a select few (middle aged men - pretending to know more than they do about wine), the wine market has identified that Millennials are not only gaining more interest in wine, but they do not have brand loyalty. Compared to their Gen X and Boomer seniors, Millennialls are more inclined to look for wine value and an enjoyable experience – a great opportunity for sales in the hospitality trade!

With this information, now is the time for restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes to invest in their team’s wine training. We know that lack of team knowledge is off-putting for guests, so ensuring they are confident yet relaxed in their knowledge and recommendations will encourage guests to try something new.

Guests can feel intimidated by lengthy lists of copious amounts of wine so can be inclined to stick to their trusty bottle of Pino, rather than indulging and spending a little more. Making wine more accessible will change the misconceptions that good wine is for a certain market of guest, and could be profitable for your business, encouraging them to be brave and spend. Wine is enjoyed all over the world, so your guests should have fun selecting a wine to enhance their meal!

HGEM’s Josie had complied a list of her favourite places to enjoy wine experiences:

- Vagabond wine, London – sample lots of different wines.

- Three Choirs Vineyard, UK – a meal with views.

- Quinta da Pacheca, Portugal – sleep in a wine barrel.

To measure your training standards and team knowledge, get in touch today on 01225 470999 to see how we can support you with our mystery visit scheme.

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