BBQ sauce taste test

BBQ sauce taste test


Suns out, buns out.

We’ve been blessed with BBQ weather the last couple of weeks, so after the excitement of our hot cross bun taste test over Easter, we thought we’d host a second – introducing our BBQ sauce taste test!

We spent last Friday lunch time dipping chips into 10 different brands of BBQ sauce. It might be a condiment, but BBQ sauce can actually make or break your burger and with only a handful of BBQ opportunities each year here in the UK, we want to make sure you get it right!

Check out our results below.

1st place: Bull's-Eye Original BBQ sauce.

A clear winner for the team - the perfect ratio, sweet but not too sweet, with fresh smokey notes. You'll be sure to douse rather than drizzle if you get your hands on one of these bottles.

2nd place: Heinz Classic Barbecue sauce.

Heinz have done it again, this big-name brand providing us with great options for all the nations favourite classics. This worked particularly well with chips we must say.

3rd place: HP Classic BBQ sauce.

Another big brand bringing us a rich, tasty versatile option for both marinades and dipping.

Jack Daniels Smooth Original sauce came last in 10th place. This was mostly due to the fact that there was an overwhelming taste of Jack Daniels and the majority of the team were not JD fans.

So, do you agree with our trusty panel

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