Brits spend on average one year of their lives in the pub.


Brits spend on average one year of their lives in the pub.


It seems like a natural thing to just pop down to the local
pub on a Friday night to unwind or midweek to de-stress, but have you ever thought how much time this adds up to over a lifetime?

No, us neither, but research carried out by pub chain Taylor Walker recently looked into the matter and totted up all those hours well spent.

It turns out that over an average lifetime (which they decided somewhat arbitrarily perhaps stands at 60 and a half years) one whole year is spent down the pub. Actually to be more precise they came to the conclusion that it is 11,220.7 hours or 467.5 days, so why is it that the Great British public have a love affair with the local boozer?

Well this has always been the case hasn't it? The local pub is the traditional heart of the community and long may this continue we say. A spokesman for Taylor Walker, said: "A good pub is a fundamental part of
British culture. So it's inevitable that many adults will spend a large part of their
leisure time in either their local pub or trying new ones."

Just the mere idea of heading off to the pub conjures images in the mind of a relaxing attitude and a good place to meet up with friends and family, even if the rest of the evening will progress from there.

In order for pubs to make the most of this association and make sure that all those people who are spending a year in the pub are doing it in their establishment, the pub must live up to expectations. Thinking about what a pub stands for and
listening to what the customers want it to be will help pub businesses to do well. After all, if a person is going to spend so much of their life there, then they want to choose a nice one and a good pub is a habit hard to shake.

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