Can the UK embrace the spa trend?


Can the UK embrace the spa trend?


In a recent survey conducted by Hilton it was found that 45 per cent of international travellers would be more likely to book a
hotel if it had a

This is a slightly foreign notion to many Brits, who appear to be far behind the rest of the world with regard to getting excited about spas. In fact only 37 per cent of
British travellers interviewed in the same survey said that it would have any impact on their choice of accommodation at all.

So why is it that Brits are less inclined to put getting themselves preened and pampered at the top of the list of hotel necessities?

Perhaps it's the fact that Brits like to indulge when they are on holiday or away from home and a spa is the antithesis of this. Two-thirds of respondents to the survey said they might use the spa if it was there in their hotel, but this shows a rather lacklustre attitude towards them and certainly not a deal breaker factor.

For many people the overall impression of their hotel is made up of a myriad of tiny factors, many of which are not always predicted by those running establishments. Attention to detail is important with cleanliness ranking highly among most guests, but in order to find out what really matters hotels should make sure they engage with
customer feedback to see what their guests really care about.

If spas are seemingly so important to the rest of the world, then hotels which offer such services may find it easier to tap into the
international market. Advertising such facilities should be done with a target audience in mind and if it is international then it should be carried out accordingly.

Dave Horton, global head of
Hilton Hotels & Resorts, said: "This new research emphasises the importance of spas in the decision to book a hotel stay, particularly in the rapidly expanding Chinese market."

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