Cater to the UK breakfast rush at 8.25am


Cater to the UK breakfast rush at 8.25am


Morning commuters looking to start their day with a hot, caffeinated beverage are most likely to buy at 8.25am, according to new research reported by - a fact that could help hoteliers boost their business at breakfast.

The research, conducted by payment processing company, Worldpay, analysed UK transaction data to reveal the average peak breakfast rush occurs just before half past eight -information that can help commuters desperate for their morning caffeine fix to avoid the crowds whilst giving hospitality professionals an insight into optimum trade times, ensuring they are fully prepared to deliver a speedy service.

The UK breakfast rush differs according to city with the earliest risers reported to be in Southampton. Here, the peak breakfast rush occurs at 7.25am - an hour earlier than the national average. In comparison, commuters in London seem to wait to savour their morning cuppa at work with peak spending occurring at 8.47am - just before office hours commence.

The research also took into consideration how much people were spending on their breakfast purchases. Southampton commuters were the most frugal with their morning money, spending the lowest amount in the UK at just £3.66. Interestingly, considering the pricier reputation of the capital, London commuters came in only slightly above Southampton at an average of £4.09.

The biggest breakfast spenders are to be found in Newcastle where commuters fork out an average of £6.48 on purchases. This was attributed to the selection of more luxurious options such as croissants and fried breakfasts. Glasgow came in second with an average spend of £5.95 on their morning meal, and Manchester was just behind with an average spend of £5.32 per person.

However, the city that most relies on a fix of caffeine to get through the day appears to be Bristol. The daily rush begins in the south west at 7.56am, but further spikes in business were recorded at 1.15pm and 4.15pm.

David Hobday, managing director for Worldpay UK, commented on the data: "Savvy business owners understand commuters want speed and convenience at the till... Queues out the door aren't a sign of success - they're a warning that something's gone very wrong."

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