Christmas dining trends


Christmas dining trends

Christmas dinner

Some restaurants are going cold turkey on turkey. With guests wanting more choice, it could pay to leave turkey off the menu at the busiest time of year. So, what are operators doing to up their game this Christmas?

Staying true to what you do

Turkey might be the chosen dish at home, but guests don’t necessarily want to eat it at get togethers in the run up to Christmas. In a recent survey we discovered that during the Christmas period, 40% of guests like to try somewhere new that offers a unique menu. This indicates that like any other time of year, guests want variety, in fact they want something even more special than your usual offering. So, if you’re a fish restaurant, stick to what you know but experiment with flavours, making the most of ingredients you wouldn’t usually add to your regular menu.


For the majority of guests, the origin of their food and nutritional value is just as important as how it tastes, with organic being a key trend, sourcing local ingredients where possible as well as quality meat is key. What’s more, our survey also discovered that 79% of guests are likely to spend more over the Christmas period so investing in provenance could be a lucrative move.

Plant based

With an increase in plant-based and flexitarian diets, each year we see restaurants forced to get more creative with their menu, as nut roasts are no longer cutting it. Foregoing the turkey and swapping with vegan alternatives could also save money for operators.

Side dishes

If you’re sticking to the traditional turkey this Christmas, a great way to make your offering more than standard is by making side dishes stars of the show.

A time to share

Christmas is a time for giving so why not do it with your food? Sharing plates make for a more social gathering and allow you to try even more foods than usual during the most indulgent time of the year.

To evaluate your Christmas menu, so you can be even more prepared for next year, get in touch today.

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