Comment Card Crackers


Comment Card Crackers

Comment card

At HospitalityGEM we have processed our fair share of comment cards over the years, and thankfully to keep us smiling along the way we've found a few comments that would be better off on the inside of a cracker, or printed on a lollipop stick.

Whilst these customers may have had their tastebuds tickled, they've certainly tickled our funny bones with their amusing, and often ill-conceived comments. Here are just a few of them...

"The orange juice was served cold and tasted of oranges."

"The Salmon Fishcakes had too much salmon in them and my guest only ate one because she really didn't like them."

"The chips were also nice, they had a high potato content and weren't overdone or crunchy."

"He said that Buffalo mozzarella salad was vegetarian. I asked if the buffalo related to chicken and he said no it related to the cheese."

Now though, our days of processing comment cards are over, much to the relief of our comment card processing elves. The internet has put the final nail in the coffin of the comment card. This is good news for both the environment, and for those susceptible to paper cuts.

To find out a bit more about online feedback systems you can look at our website .

And to read the full article mourning the end of the road for the comment card, click here

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