Cost-of-living crisis most likely to impact delivery & takeaway


Cost-of-living crisis most likely to impact delivery & takeaway

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Challenging times ahead for delivery and takeaway?

The cost-of-living crisis will no doubt be difficult for all hospitality businesses however, according to our latest survey in which we asked consumers about how the crisis will impact their spending habits, it could be set to impact some areas more than others.

When we asked respondents what they would cut back on first, the top answer, for 31%, was delivery and takeaway. This was in comparison to holidays abroad (30%), retail (17%), eating/drinking out (14%) and UK holidays (6%).

Whilst this doesn’t mean customers will stop ordering takeout entirely, its likely that the frequency of orders will reduce and customers will get pickier about the brands they order from.

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So, what can be done about it?

If consumers are becoming choosier then having a good reputation and excellent standards will become key in getting picked. The biggest obstacles we’ve observed, that hinder the success of delivery/takeaway businesses are:

  • Lack of visibility over delivery customer touchpoints – particularly ones that happen at ordering stage and after the food gets picked up from the venue
  • Difficulty in maintaining consistency across all sites – especially as the business expands

To help tackle these issues for our clients, we created Delivery Audits, which provide insight far beyond the level of detail that you’d normally get from a feedback survey.

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Our delivery audits:

  • Discover the amount of lost income from failed orders and fix the issues that drive them
  • Use data to identify other weak links in the customer journey
  • Highlight opportunities – areas to target your efforts for maximum return
  • Prices range from £25 to £35 per audit, excluding reimbursements

Find out more about our Delivery Audits or why not book a demo with our friendly team?

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