Decorating for Christmas!


Decorating for Christmas!

Restaurant with christmas decorations

Festive lights are twinkling, trees are getting trimmed and the cold weather is calling out for mulled wine by the bottle - the Christmas season has officially begun. For those that work in the hospitality industry, 'tis the season to be planning your Christmas decor. A warm, inviting space that provides just the right level of festive ambience is essential as the holiday season approaches, particularly as people are beginning to think about their Christmas parties. However, garish baubles and metres of tinsel have seen their heyday in hospitality - here are a few top tips from the experts to make sure your decor doesn't fall short.

Make your entrance enticing

Catch the eye of passers-by with an inviting window display and doorway. Rustic decorations that capture the natural side of Christmas, such as fragrant pine cones, holly, mistletoe and timber logs for the fire, set a classic, comforting tone.

Create mood lighting

Effective lighting inside your hospitality venue is an important consideration at any time of year, but during the cold season it is imperative. Cast aside the multi-coloured fairy-lights in favour of simple, soft lighting in warming colours. If you can light a fire inside your establishment, do so to create a cosy ambience, but if not then strategically positioned glowing candles will also do the trick.

Feed the senses

Making your venue look visually appealing is certainly a large part of the battle but with a few extra tweaks you can provide your guests with the full sensory experience. Spicy, warming Christmas scents such as cinnamon, nutmeg and oranges are simultaneously warming and welcoming, whilst placing a plate of mince pies or bottle of mulled wine in sight on a bar or counter may encourage customers to want a taste.

Show your personality

Never lose sight of your brand's personality when designing your Christmas decor. Popping a bit of personality into your festive designs will ensure you stand out in your guest's minds. Whether that falls on the side of sophisticated and romantic or kitsch and family-friendly - choosing to think outside the box and add your own personal, unique touches will create a memorable Christmas venue.

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