Discount Dinners Increase as Deals Entice Guests to Eat Out More Often


Discount Dinners Increase as Deals Entice Guests to Eat Out More Often

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Research from OpenTable shows there’s been an increase in guests using money-saving tips when eating out over the past year. Almost 90% of British guests would always opt for a set menu provided by the restaurant, whilst 27% of diners would only choose to dine at restaurants that offer promotional deals.

The majority of restaurants are responding to the demand for deals. Over half of restaurants surveyed were currently offering promotions of some description, while 81% were providing set menus.

While frugal guests might sound like a bad thing for hospitality; these deals and discounts are persuading guests to eat out more often - over half the guests asked said that the amount they eat out has increased over the past 5 years. While guests may be spending less per visit, the increased frequency may mean they’re more loyal to restaurants offering them good value.

If it’s not an option to discount your dishes, you could offer savings in the form of sharing plates or bar snacks. Not only are they perceived as better value but they are also a good way to stretch the day parts.

Our own research shows that guests are still willing to pay premium prices for a dining experience they see as high quality. Many guests are happy to pay more for items highlighted as using local or seasonal ingredients, believing these are better quality and worth the higher price.

Your staff can also influence guest spend. Genuine, knowledgeable recommendations from staff can help guests see the value in higher price menu items, such as more expensive bottles of wine.

It’s not discounts guests are looking for – it’s good value. If you can demonstrate that your restaurant experience is worth the price tag, guests are still happy to pay.

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