Driving positive word of mouth for hotels


Driving positive word of mouth for hotels

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The idea of relying on word of mouth to manage a hotel's reputation might sound outdated, particularly when you consider the fact we are living in an increasingly digital world. However, this advent of technology within the hospitality industry is exactly the reason why word of mouth is more important than ever - it is just performed in a different way.

The guest review has become such a powerful tool that in a recent survey we conducted, 80% of guests stated that they used TripAdvisor or online reviews when choosing somewhere new to stay.

Of course, this isn't to say that people don't still talk and spread the word in a more traditional way, consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising. However, smart phones and other portable technology means that hotel reputations now also rely on the more immediate online community. The popularity of social media platforms means that from the minute a guest checks in, they could be sharing their experience and opinions on a hotel - be it with a photograph and accompanying hashtags on Instagram or through a comment and name-drop on Twitter. In order to successfully manage their reputation, hotel owners need to ensure they stay abreast of and actively manage the information that is being distributed online. It's important to try and turn any negative experiences into positive solutions and encourage those that have fantastic visits to share their experience.

We can help hotels to generate positive chatter from guests- GEMdirect is designed to give operators the opportunity to get closer to their guests and to promote their affinity with your brand. It allows you to recover those who have had a poor experience and get your happiest guests to spread the word. We can also help you generate useful analysis from guest feedback. Are you engaging directly with your guests?

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