Encouraging your FOH staff to own the guest experience


Encouraging your FOH staff to own the guest experience

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Although it takes a collective effort to deliver top quality service to your guests, it's essential to be clear which department is accountable for the guest experience. The idea of the whole company taking ownership is great in theory, but in practice it can prove vague and be detrimental to guests, with no one feeling it's their personal responsibility.

As your Front of House staff work on the front line of your business, interacting with guests from the first enquiry until they’re waved out the door, it makes sense that they take ownership for the guest experience and put it at the centre of everything they do. Communicating this expectation to your staff will ensure clarity around responsibilities and enable your team to rely on each other. Taking control of the guest experience needs to be as much a part of their job description as taking orders and cleaning tables.

Helping new staff feel like a valued part of the team and develop their understanding of their personal role within the business is key to encouraging staff to take ownership. Team members who feel valued and personally involved in driving the business forwards are most likely to feel motivated and provide a positive perception of the business to guests. Additionally, by measuring the experience guests are receiving, you’ll be able to identify which managers and team members are failing to take ownership of their guests. It can also be used to recognise staff who go that extra mile to deliver excellent customer service.

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