ENPS - what is it and why is it important?


ENPS - what is it and why is it important?

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We help operators to identify their ENPS score by collating feedback from team members via a Team Engagement Tracker at different stages throughout their employment. From their induction through to their 10-year anniversary, ENPS allows employers to see how engaged their employees are.

The ENPS is based upon the question “How likely would you be to recommend your employer?”. Employees who score 9 or 10 are promoters, 7 or 8 are passives, and less than 6 are detractors. Your ENPS score is the difference between the percentage of guests likely to promote your brand (promoters) and the percentage of guests likely to do the opposite (detractors). So, if 60% are promoters and 20% are detractors, your Net Promoter Score is 40. The NPS score can range from minus 100 to 100.

Knowing that your team are happy at work is great but it is equally important to understand the underlying reasons behind your ENPS scores. So, what is making them feel engaged, and perhaps more importantly, why are they not engaged and enjoying their work? If you understand the potential issues, you can rectify them and hopefully retain a team member rather than recruit.

HGEM’s Head of Client Success, Jason Horn comments on why measuring ENPS is so important:

“People buy (from) people they trust, and hospitality is all about people - your team and guests alike. Your employees are the ones who will leave a lasting impression on your guests, the way they interact, make recommendations and how they leave your guests feeling, comes as a direct result of how they themselves feel.”

“The opportunity to have a positive impact on your team is so important - it should be part of your purpose every day. Operators who focus on this impact, cultivate more recommendations, loyalty and trust. Trust is a 2-way transaction and if your team trust you as the employer, they will in turn gain the trust of your guests.”

“Give yourself the opportunity to improve every day and be known for delivering fun, exciting, exceptional experiences for the people in your business. Engage, measure, action and improve - when the people in your business come first, it leads to greater profits.”

At HGEM we have long believed that a happy team equals happy guests and that a great guest experience will never be delivered by an unmotivated and disengaged team. By working with our many clients to measure their ENPS, we can show a direct correlation between a high ENPS and a great guest experience.

Results from our latest survey show that an engaged and positive team member means that 55% of guests will enjoy their experience with you more, also encouraging 36% of guests to spend 10% more when visiting your venue. When we asked how a disengaged team member would impact their experience, 27% of guests said they simply wouldn’t return to your venue. Engaged, happy employees create positive guest experiences, encouraging loyalty from your guests so it is vital that you invest in your team’s happiness.

To find out how we can support your operation with an Employee Engagement Tracker, please get in touch with the team today on 01225 470999 or email enquiries@hgem.com

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