Food on the Move


Food on the Move

Food on the Move

We recently attended Technomic's 'Trends and Directions Conference' and they highlighted 5 top themes leading the movement of the foodservice industry. Over the next few weeks we'll be highlighting each of these independently.

Theme 1: Food on the move

Consumers' dining-options now include more on-the-go meals, something that's becoming particularly prevalent during the lunch hour. Lunch is an easy time to focus on providing convenience and value. Offerings can be pre-made and quickly customised at the point of ordering. Technology is also playing a part in this trend, allowing customers to both pre-order and pre-pay for their lunch- really focusing on convenience.

The fast-casual segment of the eating out market is also contributing to an increased attention to food on the move, by offering a speedy service that doesn't sacrifice quality. Fast-casual venues often have menus that feature foods that can be prepared quickly but still contain quality ingredients.

There is an opportunity for food service operators to align themselves with this trend by offering an express lunch menu or introducing faster ways for their guests to check out, particularly in regard to limited service operators.

With 41% of consumers stating that they are either starting to treat themselves, or are not actively saving more than they did previously, eating out is forecasted to increase. Opportunities remain for operators that remain ahead of the trends.

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