Food-To-Go Restaurants: Balancing Speed With Service


Food-To-Go Restaurants: Balancing Speed With Service

Food-To-Go Restaurants: Balancing Speed With Service

From burrito bars to sandwich shops, food-to-go restaurants are becoming an increasingly popular choice among diners. They differ from typical fast-food outlets because guests can create the content of their meal, selecting everything from the bread and filling to the sauce and sides. What's more, staff provide a counter service at food-to-go outlets, meaning that the meal is prepared right in front of the diner.

Food-to-go restaurants answer to a growing consumer demand for variety. A food-to-go business enjoys quick turnarounds and low price points; however, with the number of restaurants on the rise, how do you stand out among your many competitors?

Compared with fast-food outlets, food-to-go eateries provide a greater opportunity for customer interaction. To stand out, you will need to focus on creating a quality customer experience, and this can be achieved through balancing speed with quality service.

Needless to say, speed is of the utmost importance in food-to-go restaurants. Guests expect quality food and quick, so efficiency is key. A speedy service will see guests returning, and the more streamlined your business, the greater your profits.

However, speed must be balanced with quality service, as service is what will help you to stand out among your competitors. A typical interaction will last no longer than 5 minutes, and the businesses that succeed will be the ones which provide a quality service during that short period of time. You and your staff can make every second count: be polite, ask questions, don't rush customers, and all of this and those diners are sure to return.

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