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#foodtography is a divisive one both in the hospitality industry itself and between friends and followers on social media.

Whilst some enjoy Instagramming their meals, or delicately arranging the spoon next to their latte to get that perfect snap, others are becoming increasingly frustrated at seeing every morsel of every meal preserved as art before it is devoured by the social media addict.

For those in the hospitality industry, a shared photo can be hugely influential to potential customers. Whether or not the food looks and tastes delicious in real life, a poor photograph can make posh nosh look like a load of tosh.

Many people will vet photos of themselves before they are shared in the digital world, but unfortunately for restaurateurs they don't hold editorial control over their customers' food snaps.

Whilst some restaurants have even gone as far as banning customers from paparazzi-ing their pasta, it seems that on the whole it is a positive trend, with people snapping their snacks in an almost boastful fashion.

It's worth remembering that engagement is key on social media, so those in the hospitality industry may want to consider counteracting those less than flattering photos with some of their own.

Here are some opinions of what food photography means, and how it can be used...

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