Futuristic Dining


Futuristic Dining

Futuristic Dining

Something that is key to the guest experience is personalisation and something we are passionate about here at HGEM. YO! Sushi recently announced they have taken personalisation to the next level offering DNA testing to inform guests on which dishes to consider and which to avoid. They are on a mission to prove that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to nutrition and with diners having more dietary needs than ever before, is dietary personalisation the next step for the industry?

YO! Sushi have teamed up with genetic testing company DNAFit to bring the new concept YO! Dinner YO! Way to the UK on a national scale - the first of its kind. Participating guests are sent a home testing kit with results providing guests with their food sensitivities, a diet plan and YO! Sushi dishes to try and avoid.

An interesting concept but do diners want to be told what they should and shouldn't eat? Is it too futuristic? We asked our panel of mystery guests what they thought and over half of guests (56%) said the concept is a bit too ‘out there’ for them - perhaps these guests have never encountered intolerances and see eating out as a treat so understandably don’t want to feel restricted. The poll results were close with 44% of guests saying they would order a test kit. Our guess is that these figures will switch in the future with interest in health and nutrition set to rise.

So, is the industry set to see more and more operators jumping on this personalisation trend? Well, with health and wellness becoming increasingly important to guests, not only for their body but also for their mind and the environment, the industry have a huge opportunity to further cater for these guests. We have seen a massive shift in the industry over the last few years with vegan and gluten free menus, but this has now become the minimum guests expect. Restaurant brands who want to be ahead of the game should start looking at ways to personalise their guest experience.

If you want to measure what your guests think of you, or a new personalisation concept, get in touch with the team today to discuss how we can support you in measuring, monitoring and improving your guest experience on 01225 470999 or email enquiries@hgem.com.

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