Guests' views on vegetarian and vegan dining


Guests' views on vegetarian and vegan dining

In a recent survey, we asked our mystery guests for their views on the vegetarian and vegan offering when dining out. Here are our top takeaways:

Changing habits

Meat is off the menu for a growing number of guests. The number of ‘flexitarians’ is on the rise, with only 17% of our guests saying they eat meat on a daily basis. What’s more, over a third said they would be likely to try a venue with a solely vegetarian menu.

How operators are performing

Almost half of guests describe the industry vegetarian offering as ‘quite good’, with casual dining leading the way. However, guests feel that the vegan offering still has a way to go, with 69% describing the current industry offering as ‘poor’.

Room for improvement

Restaurants looking to improve their vegetarian and vegan offering should keep in mind that taste is key - 64% ranked it as the most important factor when choosing between a meat or veggie option. With many operators stepping up their range of options, guests won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere if they feel that your offering is bland.

Guests' views on vegetarian and vegan dining
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