HGEM continues to invest in Guest Experience

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HGEM continues to invest in Guest Experience

Unveiling HGEM Go

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As a pioneer and market leader in GEM (Guest Experience Management), HGEM is never one to rest on laurels, and throughout the pandemic, our in-house development team has worked tirelessly on the launch of a brand-new app for our mystery guests.

We're very excited to announce that the app – HGEM Go – is now live and aims to make mystery visits more accessible, simple, and fun for our mystery guests! Find out more about the app here.

HGEM's Managing Director, Steven Pike comments: 'It's our mission to help our clients to be and to remain at the forefront of innovation when it comes to guest experience management.

Customers are more willing to try out new technology than ever before, they are really understanding how tech can help make their lives easier. From a business perspective, we're seeing a lot of clients taking an interest in the digitalisation of customer journeys and getting data from various sources neatly lined up, so this really felt like the next natural step on our development roadmap - however, there is a lot more to come! With a brand new channel now available to us, we'll be exploring additional ways to leverage HGEM Go to the benefit of our clients."

How does HGEM Go benefit hospitality companies?

HGEM Go is the first app of its kind in the UK, facilitating mystery visits across a broad variety of experiences, such as eat-in, delivery, accommodation, events, entertainment and many more. The app allows HGEM to attract a younger demographic who are still at the early stages of developing habits as consumers. As our mystery guest say - one of the biggest perks of being part of the programme is the opportunity to discover many wonderful brands that they wouldn’t have otherwise; this may help our partner brands to nurture lifelong fruitful relationships with the young consumers.

The app will also enable HGEM to help put remote locations, that perhaps have struggled historically to find mystery visitors, on the map, by making it easier for users to explore their surroundings.

Further, HGEM Go can help increase brand awareness in consumers. As app users scroll through available visits nearby, they are constantly exposed to brand logos and venue locations, helping them form visiting habits both ‘on and off-duty’. By making mystery visits more fun and accessible, we anticipate our mystery guest numbers to grow substantially over the upcoming years, which could potentially make a material positive impact on our partner brands.

What makes Mystery Guest programmes so valuable to operators?

In essence, Mystery Guest Audits are for things operators want to measure, but cannot ask their guests about.

The audits help operators take stock of how their venues are performing in a completely objective way. Usually, the bigger the estate, the more difficult it is to comprehend and monitor all the areas of operations, such as service, food quality, standards, and processes, but Mystery Guest Audits help operators to take back control and gain greater visibility than ever, with little effort.

By using our proprietary GEM framework, HGEM experts help operators to craft their perfect customer journey and create audit questionnaires that measure this very precisely. As visits are performed regularly over a specified time (weekly / monthly / quarterly, etc.) operations managers can also start seeing improvements or arising issues from emerging patterns – these can then be traced to a specific area / timeframe that needs adjustment, for example that more staff is required on Sunday mornings due to slow service.

Mystery Guest Audits, together with expertise from the HGEM support team, will improve operations, service standards and processes, elevating guest experience. Improving guest experience, in turn, will result in revenue growth that comes from an increase in spend per head, repeat visits, and recommendations to friends and family.

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