Hot cross bun ratings revealed


Hot cross bun ratings revealed

Hot cross buns

Easter, a time for celebrating, family and Easter egg hunts, but for us at HGEM - it’s all about the food – no surprise there! When it comes to Easter treats, what’s more quintessential than a buttery hot cross bun? They’re a firm favourite with the team, so we decided to host a hot cross bun tasting session which saw hungry HGEMers get their fruity fix for the day. Presented with a selection of 9 classic hot cross buns from budget to bakery, the team were asked to rate them from most to least favourite and had an egg-cellent time! Check out the results below…

1st place - It’s not just a hot cross bun, it’s an M&S hot cross bun. You can always count on M&S for luxury and these didn’t disappoint. They were super soft and sticky which swung it for the team.

2nd place – Tesco, a classic hot cross bun with a good fruit to bun ratio.

3rd place – Morrisons had the perfect bounce to its bun, at a very reasonable 80p for a pack of 4.

4th place – Asda provided an absolute steal of 69p for not 4 but a pack of 6. If you’re saving the pennies, Asda is your best bet.

5th place – Bertinet, a local Bath bakery took 5th place with a mixed bag of reviews. Some of the team enjoyed the luxury these buns provided, packed with pieces of orange and currents to provide extra flavour. However, some thought they were too fluffy and preferred a classic bun.

6th place – Sainsburys buns were lovely and soft, and only 69p for a pack of 6, but lacked flavour compared to higher ranked buns.

7th place - Our most budget option so not surprising, but Aldi still provided a delicious hot cross bun to please most this Easter weekend.

8th place – As a premium brand, we expected Waitrose to be up there however these particular buns were wholemeal, and the team don’t really consider health when indulging so this is why it was voted last. It makes for a great (slightly) healthier option though!

So, have we helped you decide which buns to pick up this Easter weekend? We recommend them toasted, with lots of butter!

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