How restaurants can cash in on Instagram hashtags

How restaurants can cash in on Instagram hashtags

How restaurants can cash in on Instagram hashtags

With the popularity of social media gaining ever more traction in the hospitality industry, forward-thinking restaurant owners look to capitalise on the popularity of Instagram's food-based hashtags, according to a recent article on

If the astronomical ratings of programmes such as the Great British Bake Off, Come Dine With Me and Masterchef are anything to go by, the British public has more than a passing fondness for looking at well-presented food. Consequently, it is unsurprising that the biggest image-based social platform in the world has opened new opportunities for the restaurant business.

A quick scroll through Instagram's food-based hashtags reveal that over 27m images have been tagged with #foodie; nearly 80m with #foodporn,; and a whopping 175m with #food. With figures like this, restaurants could consider using the platform to their advantage, posting irresistible images of their dishes to entice more customers.

However, marketing through Instagram requires a little more thought than simply setting up an account and posting food pictures sporadically. Take a look at some of the more popular food-based accounts and you will see galleries of well-lit, appealing and beautifully crafted dishes. Presentation is more important than ever on this image-based platform so operators should choose photogenic dishes that present the food in the best possible light.

Additionally, consider how the food will be photographed. A popular angle on Instagram, thanks to the way the pictures are displayed on other platforms such as Twitter, is from above. However, the angle depends on the dish - some might look more attractive when taken side-on.

Another key consideration for building a visually enticing Instagram gallery is to keep the aesthetic consistent. Hospitality operators should think about the overall look of their photographs, carefully selecting a special filter or colour scheme to tie the images together.

Of course, not everyone is a budding photographer and those restaurant owners who are short on time might want to consider hiring a food photographer with all the right equipment, who can convey the image of your brand and business.

The guest experience is at the heart of a successful hospitality business, and a quality Instagram gallery can begin to communicate this experience to potential customers.

Some of the most popular food-based hashtags include:

1. #foodporn

2. #food

3. #nomnomnom

4. #foodie

5. #foodgasm

6. #cleaneating

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