How to cash in on Halloween and Bonfire Night


How to cash in on Halloween and Bonfire Night

How to cash in on Halloween and Bonfire Night

Halloween is expected to be worth £650 million to the
hospitality industry this year and it is up to individual bars, restaurants and cafes to ensure that they make the most of it and take their share of the profits.

According to a
YouGov Sixth Sense survey 29 per cent of adults will take part in a
Bonfire Night event spending around £386 million between them. As for Halloween it is less important to Brits, but will see somewhere in the region of £268 million being spent.

James McCoy, research director at YouGov Sixth Sense, said: "The really interesting thing about this report is that the number of people actively taking part in these events is still rather low, and so the big opportunity for operators and retailers is to get the high percentages of people who feel favourably about Bonfire Night and Halloween out celebrating, and of course spending money."

So what can businesses do to capitalise on the days which distinctly mark the end of the summer months and a quick decline into winter?

In order to tempt people out of their homes in celebration of Bonfire Night and Halloween it is a good idea to offer some festive treats. This may be in the form of some warming food or even drinks and also decorating establishments in a manner which suggests they are part of the party.

It does not necessarily mean that places need to put on their own entertainment, but it can be good to be aware of what is going on close by.

Some places like to team up together to put on events for Halloween but even if it is just a matter of encouraging people to come for a drink prior to partying elsewhere, pubs can take their slice of the £650 million. Community bonfires are great for this, as most people in small places are likely to go to a centrally organised display.Tempting them to go out beforehand with drinks offers and special
food and drink can be a great way to make a profit without too much outlay and difficulty.

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