How to rescue a negative online review


How to rescue a negative online review

How to rescue a negative online review

With 87% of consumers making restaurant or pub bookings based on online reviews, what happens when an operator receives some bad feedback on social media? What’s the best way of dealing with it? Are we becoming too dependent and hooked on guests’ online reviews and social media reactions? Maybe so.

Could 2020 be the year where we influence online reviews with some friendly follow-up emails after a guest visit or a plain and more direct hello, how did you enjoy your experience? Check-in from the manager? We hope so as we are pleased to confirm that emails and conversations are still very much in vogue with diners and are a clear, popular way of dealing with negative comments.

The reality is that nearly a third of diners we interviewed said they would like to receive a polite follow-up email after a negative experience with a server, in particular the 65+ Baby Boomers. A good chat is also a good opportunity for 28% of guests to discuss any negative guest experience issues directly with the manager on-site.

Our survey also shows that interaction with a positive, smiley and engaged server means a third of diners would spend 22% more time in a restaurant or pub, which can potentially mean more cash in the tills. The bottom line is that again nearly a third of diners (27%) decide not to return to a restaurant because of an unfriendly or disengaged server.

Ultimately, it’s true you may forgive a bad dish, but forgiving bad service is a different matter and could directly impact on your reputation through negative online reviews – ultimately hurting your business. Guest satisfaction and diner experiences are impacted by how people are treated by waiters during our dining experience. So…. a happy and engaged team means happy and returning guests.

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