I'd eat a plate of cold sick...


I'd eat a plate of cold sick...

I'd eat a plate of cold sick...

"I'd eat a plate of cold sick, I think, before complaining to a waiter"

This is what Stephen Mangan (Green Wing, Episodes) said last night in the tongue in cheek Channel 4 program 'Very British Problems' - a satirical look at our social awkwardness.

Whilst it is clearly amusing, it does pose a serious question for restaurants; 'How often does this actually happen in my restaurant?'

Most guests will vote with their feet and never go back.

Others will actively spread negative word of mouth and become 'detractors' - if the restaurant is (relatively) lucky, this will simply be face to face with friends and family. If they are unlucky, it will be on social channels.

For those guests that do decide to give feedback at the table, they are often ignored completely, it is very easy for the chef/waiter/manger to dismiss the feedback as the guest is perceived as being 'difficult'. Whilst there will always be demanding guests, their feedback is certainly valid and when measured over a period of time, a true picture of guest satisfaction will become clear.

Making it easy for guests to leave feedback is absolutely vital to ensure their experiences are being managed properly, issues are flagged and dealt with and guests can be contacted to ensure they know their feedback is being listened to.

So, engage with your guests, involve them in your business, listen to what they are saying and put this at the heart of your operation.

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