Incentives: inbox me, but don't get social


Incentives: inbox me, but don't get social

Incentives: inbox me, but don't get social

In 2020, the collection and analysis of personal data is vital for the food industry and the easiest way to collate this is by offering incentives such as discounts and free products. With the advent of GDPR, it is, of course, essential that data is not only managed in the right way but, also, that operators refrain from ‘harassing’ customers with incentives via email, telephone and social media. Our latest research has revealed that whilst 51% of people are happy to receive offers and promotions once a year, only 35% would welcome monthly communication.

The research shows that discounts are certainly the most popular incentive amongst diners - with 65% of survey respondents saying that even a free drink would be attractive; however, whilst an 88% majority said that they would be happy to hand over their email address in exchange for discounts and freebies, only 9% of millennials are willing to share their social media profiles, despite millennials spending an average of two hours and thirty-eight minutes on social media every day. The study also reveals that only 41% would view free Wi-Fi as a reasonable incentive which is perhaps unsurprising in an age where free Wi-Fi is widely available in public spaces and on public transport.

Although 53% of respondents said that they are happy to share their data during the booking process, only a tiny 2% are willing to do so during the meal - which is of course common sense as few people enjoy an interruption during time out with family and friends.

When it comes to gathering customer data, there is a very clear opportunity for operators to use incentives, however, this should always be done in a way that is comfortable for the customer. The conclusion that we can draw from our research is that the ‘customer comfort zone’ can be achieved by sending discount offers by email on an annual or biannual basis.

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