Is hotel school innovative new approach to hospitality education?

Is hotel school innovative new approach to hospitality education?

Is a degree in the hospitality industry the best way to train the next generation of hoteliers and staff?

An establishment in Essex thinks so, as it will be enrolling its first set of students later on this year to teach them the ins and outs of the business. The Edge Hotel School is not just a building full of classrooms, but a fully operational hotel, meaning the students who will study there will get very hands-on experience.

Most people who work in the hospitality industry will agree that vocational training is important as nothing prepares a person better for the job than doing the job. Students will have the choice to work towards a foundation degree over the course of one year or a BA Honours degree which will take two. The courses have been accredited by the University of Essex and should ensure that any graduates of the institution are of a certain standard.

Only time will tell how the industry takes to those who have completed the degrees and whether a reputation is built for creating good employees.

Alan Jenkins, principal of the Edge Hotel School, said: "The Edge Hotel School will offer people the opportunity to become the future leaders of hospitality by working in a fully functioning hotel and learning from industry experts whilst gaining a degree qualification putting in place a much needed production line for home-grown talent."

Once students complete their studies and move on from hotel school their skills must be adapted to the places where they end up working. With so many different types of hotel offering different services is it possible for a hotel school to cover all of these in training?

The idea is that while working at the hotel the students will experience every aspect of its running, including the restaurant, which will help to prepare them for the roles they take on in future. It is important that hotel managers remember that even if they take on staff who have a hospitality degree that training is an ongoing process which must be maintained if standards are to be kept high.
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