Is the hospitality industry a safer place to work?

Is the hospitality industry a safer place to work?

Recent reports have suggested that the number of like-for-like accidents in pubs have decreased recently, but is the hospitality industry really a safer place to work than it was a year ago?

Research carried out by Perry Scott Nash states that accidents were reduced by 4.5 per cent in the first quarter of this year and are down 2.2 per cent since a year ago. Andy Cox, business development manager at Perry Scott Nash, said: "No one is in any doubt that improvements still need to be made, but these latest stats are very encouraging."

Two of the categories which were emphasised by the study were trips and slips and fights and assaults involving customers. Both of these areas are occupational hazards and despite falling five per cent and six per cent respectively pose a definite challenge for the industry. The truth is that there are a whole manner of safety risks which can be experienced by those working in pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels.

There are a number of things which can be done to help minimise the chances of them turning into accidents, though some situations will always be unpredictable. After all the hospitality industry by nature involves dealing with the public and when that is combined with alcohol as it often is, the situation can be explosive. Making sure that staff are fully trained in what to do if a member of the public is being abusive or starting to get violent can help to prevent a situation from escalating.

It is important that there are procedures in place and employees know who will step in and what should be done. Training should also be carried out with regard to everyday processes which could result in injury if not performed correctly. Pubs, bars and hotels are full of equipment and chemicals which could potentially be harmful, so acknowledging this and providing specific training is vital.

Human actions have a direct effect on whether accidents occur and managers must make sure that they are doing all they can to minimise risk and keep the figures going in the right direction.
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