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Just Peachy

Just Peachy

Last week we helped Peach Pubs celebrate their success as we welcomed their (surviving!) Best Hospitality Employer Awards to Bath. For the fourth year in a row, Peach has been awarded this through anonymous feedback from their own employees. To celebrate they sent the awards on a tour of their pubs and suppliers; collecting photos and videos along the route.

As a company Peach work hard to create a fun and inspiring working culture, they have a comprehensive training and development program that aims to help their staff become the best they can be. The environment they create through this not only directly benefits the staff, but also their customers and this continues to feed the growth of their business.

Having worked with Peach for several years, we are proud to feel like a part of their team. Our director Steven Pike says;

'Consistent recognition doesn't come easily...as the business continues to grow and the systems get more professional, you've never lost sight of what it takes to be an innovator and a great host.'

Here's to the 5th award!

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