'Knowledge not Noise' learning sessions


'Knowledge not Noise' learning sessions

Chris kieron

What is Knowledge not Noise, and who is it for?

Knowledge not Noise is a FREE (no catch!) 3-part video learning series born from a collaboration between HGEM and hospitality experts EXP101, designed to provide insights on guest experience management and team empowerment to kick-start hospitality's recovery post-lockdown. Anyone who works in hospitality can benefit from the content of the videos!

Why is managing guest experience so important?

As the industry has become extremely competitive over the years, operators are increasingly drawn to solutions that help take the guesswork out of customer satisfaction and having comprehensive data that can be analysed is paramount to operational success. Based on our findings, operators that engage in improving guest experience through the Hub – HGEM’s guest experience management platform – see a 5-10% increase in guest satisfaction scores and a boost in NPS between 3 and 8 points within the first year.

We also have found that operators who involve their teams in the process, see better results. It can be incredibly empowering for teams to see the changes they make within the business to yield tangible results, which puts them in the right mindset to do even better!


Episode 1

In this episode, Chris & Kieron tackle data-driven operations. Data is vital to driving decision making but how you use the data and influence those around you is even more important.

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Episode 2

In this episode, Chris Fletcher from Exp101 tackles guest experience and not just how to deliver but to enhance your guest’s experience.

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Episode 3

In this episode, Kieron Bailey from Experience 101 talks about how we enhance our team’s experience at work, because, as we all know, if your team is not enjoying themselves, it’s optimistic to think your customers will!

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Hopefully you'll find these refresher sessions useful and entertaining. Feel free to leave us your feedback or let us know if you'd like us to create more learning videos. You can reach us at:


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