Let's get our priorities straight

Let's get our priorities straight

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In response to a question posted on the Caterer Search Table Talk, we conducted a quick survey of 202 diners over the weekend to see how they would rank the following attributes.

They were asked to rank from 1 to 7 and these results show the percentage of people who rank each as number one.

  • 64% Tasty
  • 19% Good Value
  • 15% Memorable
  • 9% Nutritional
  • 8% Seasonal
  • 6% Local
  • 5% Low CO2 footprint

The result are pretty much as expected, except for the dramatic score for 'Tasty'. Wow. In our experience, this is more reflective of people's expectations before a visit. Once a visit takes place, 'tasty' almost becomes a given and the other factors come closer to the fore, depending on how they are marketed. Even so, with a score like that, it's worth considering whether your restaurant would really be remembered for being 'tasty' and how you monitor performance of individual dishes.

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